About TokTokkie Tours

Prior to launching Toktokkie Tours, Tiki Holm qualified as a National Guide in 1992 and gained practical experience freelancing as a tour guide for several Tour Operators. In 1994 he joined a local operator as Operations Manager, which afforded him the opportunity to gain valuable experience of both the administrative side of the tour industry and actual ground work handling tour groups from singles to groups of over 80. Marge Holm, a former employee for SATOUR in Pretoria, qualified as a guide in 2000, the same year she and Tiki founded Toktokkie Tours. Since then Marge has been running day tours and also undertakes destination tours in collaboration with registered Tour Operators.

Tiki and Marge share a passion for our beautiful country and take pride in taking visitors on a journey of discovery. Having lived (and farmed) in many different parts of South Africa, they have a good appreciation of the beauty, simplicity and magic that the country has to offer, as well as the hardship and problems of rural life. For this reason the type of travel adventures undertaken by Toktokkie Tours are mostly nature based with farm stays where possible in order to allow guests to come into contact with local residents. When planning tours, Tiki and Marge take the individual persons' requests and interests into account and by adding their knowledge and experience of the industry and country construct an itinerary to suit the individual guest. Toktokkie Tours also try to incorporate some exciting activity -- it's the little mishaps, unusual adventures and unforeseen incidents that are remembered afterwards -- not the service at a 5 star hotel!

How we got our name

The Toktokkie or Darkling beetle belongs to one of the largest and most versatile of the many beetle families in Southern Africa. These insects show the greatest adaptability; from species that catch the coastal morning fog with their bodies by standing on top of the sanddunes to those that absorb moisture from preconstructed ridges in the sand. The name TokTokkie refers to those species that use their bodies to make a Tok-Tok knocking sound on the ground, thereby attracting their mates. In a similar vain this Web site is intended to gain the attention of the viewer with the hope of attracting visitors to the exciting tourism possibilities of Southern Africa.